[EN] You Need To Hear This: Neotokyolive30xx by King Quartz

It was a boring day at school, so I open Spotify for a daily dose of¬†vaporwave. To be honest I didn’t know alot of vaporwave albums back then, I usually just rely on them playlists on Spotify.

And this magical song suddenly appeared. “Dancing (Who I Am)” by King Quartz, a song that makes me wanna dance all night at a random disco in 1988.


Seriously, I have forced some of my non-aesthetic peeps to listen to this song and they actually love it! The song was stuck in my head for about a month and I listened to it all day all night.

When I finally got bored of the song, I tried to listen to the whole album and it was BOMB.COM. All of the songs are very nostalgic but every song got a different mood so it was an interesting experience. My second favorite song from this album is “Cyberhoes” (I know, scandalous title amiright?)

Here is the full album, prepare to C H I L L guys!


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