About Me

Nama saya Carissa, usia saya 17 tahun dan saya tinggal di Jakarta, Indonesia. Saya bisa berbicara bahasa Indonesia (yaiyalah), bahasa Inggris, bahasa Jerman (masih pemula), dan sedikit bahasa Italia.

Ich heiße Carissa, ich bin 17 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Indonesien und ich wohne in Jakarta. Ich spreche Indonesisch (natürlich), Englisch, Deutsch (nicht so gut) und ein bisschen Italienisch.

Mi chiamo Carissa, ho 17 anni. Sono Indonesiana di Giacarta. Parlo molto bene l’indonesiano e l’inglese, parlo un po’ il tedesco e l’italiano.

My name is Carissa, I am a 17-year-old living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I can speak Indonesian (obviously), English, beginner German and a little bit Italian.

I made this WordPress back on March 2017 with the intention to post things about the vaporwave subculture but it did not last long as I have only posted three posts on this blog before I abandoned it until November 2017. Then I decided to turn virtualtears2002 into my personal multilanguage blog where I can write stuff in any language I want since my preferred language differs with my mood. I am sure 90% of this blog’s content will be a healthy mix between Indonesian and English, and the rest are in German and probably in Italian. I will put the language code (in/en/de/it) on the title of my posts according to the language used.